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Dîner en Blanc Seoul’s Main Chefs Selected!

Romuald Pieters(CEO of France Gourmet) and Laurent Dallet(Owner Chef of Le Chef Bleu) have been selected as the head chefs of Dîner en Blanc Seoul 2023. With over 10 years of experience living in Korea, the two chefs present high-quality French menus that captivate Korean taste while maintaining the traditional French authenticity.

The courses are divided into two according to the main dish. The 'Anemone' course consists of a starter of French charcuterie platter, a main dish of Provence-style marinated and grilled chicken breast that preserves its original taste, and a Mint Taboulé with Mediterranean vegetables on the side. The 'Fleur-de-lys' course consists of a starter made with Salmon gravlax and Grilled shrimps & calamari with garlic, and a main dish of Tenderloin beef roast with mustard cream sauce and Ratatouille puff pastry on the side. The desserts for both courses are the same, consisting of Chocolate mousse cake and Mini cannelés.

If you want to enjoy the chef's dishes on the day of the event, you can purchase them on this website's online store when registering for participation. You can pick up the purchased dishes on site and the dishes are served in a white lunch box package, which is Dîner en Blanc’s signature color. However, participants must prepare their own tablecloths and tableware. The price for the 'Anemone' course is US$65 per set (approximately KRW 85,000 for 2 people), while the 'Fleur-de-lys' course is US$75 (approximately KRW 100,000 for 2 people).

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