Pre-order tables, chairs, and food on DEB eStore and pick them up on site!

Posted by DEB Seoul on May 05, 2023 | 0 comment

Diner en Blanc is a unique BYO, DIY gourmet festival, where you set up your own tables with food.  However, for those of you who can't bring your own, we have tables, chairs and food available for order on our eStore.  If you pre-order them online, you can pick them up on site.  It's our pleasure to make your preparation fun and easy. Looking forward to hosting you at Diner en Blanc Seoul!

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If you have any trouble paying through PayPal

Posted by DEB Seoul on April 29, 2023 | 0 comment

If you ever experience difficulties paying through PayPal, which is the default system linked to Diner en Blanc Int'l website, please contact us at [email protected] or KakaoTalk(@디네앙블랑공식카톡) for immediate assistance.

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World-class Guitarists Set to Perform at Dîner en Blanc Seoul 2023

Posted by DEB Seoul on April 27, 2023 | 0 comment

The world-class guitarists Park Kyu-hee and Park Ji-hyung will perform at Diner en Blanc Seoul 2023.  Park Kyu-hee is an award-winning classical guitarist with the record of winning nine international competitions i...

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Dîner en Blanc Seoul’s Main Chefs Selected!

Posted by DEB Seoul on April 19, 2023 | 0 comment

Romuald Pieters(CEO of France Gourmet) and Laurent Dallet(Owner Chef of Le Chef Bleu) have been selected as the head chefs of Dîner en Blanc Seoul 2023. With over 10 years of experience living in Korea, the two chefs present high-quality French menus that captivate Korean taste while maintaining the traditional French authenticity.

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Dîner en Blanc Seoul unveils line-up of musicians for 2023 edition.

Posted by DEB Seoul on April 18, 2023 | 0 comment

Dîner en Blanc is a one-stop festival that provides a unique "eatertainment" experience - gourmet, fashion, and entertainment to enjoy altogether.
Its 2023 line of musicians include SUMIN, SOKODOMO and DJ MAALIB.
SUMIN, a multi-talented artist involved in vocal, producing, sound design, and creative directing, is known for building her own unique style of sound in various genres, including hip-hop, electronic, and K-pop. Rapper SOKODOMO, who rose to fame with his popular song "Carousel" that spent 12 weeks at the top of the Billboard K-pop chart and garnered public adoration, is expected to add to the excitement of the event. DJ MAALIB, a producer and DJ, is well-renowned in underground and subculture scene.

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Most viewed questions

Is Dîner en Blanc an illegal activity?

All events produced according to Le Dîner en Blanc International guidelines require local hosts to acquire the proper authorization, permits, and insurances before proceeding with their event. On the other hand, since its beginning, Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris has been taking place without authorization, in some of the city’s most prestigious sites. The first editions were not easy to pull off. Today, French authorities know that the event is always well organized and that guests are always respectful of public property. Moreover, the event’s photogenic quality helps promote the city’s image as a stylish Metropolis.

How many Dîner en Blanc events are there in the world?

Founded in 2012, Dîner en Blanc International is responsible for developing this secret posh picnic in close to 80 cities in 30 countries around the world with over 130,000 participants. The largest and most internationally recognized Le Dîner en Blanc remains the original Paris event.

How can I participate?

Registration for Le Dîner en Blanc takes place in 3 phases:
Phase 1: Members from the previous year and friends of the organization and leaders
Phase 2: Friends "sponsored" by Phase 1 members
Phase 3: People who signed up to the waiting list

What are the key rules of the event?

Le Dîner en Blanc requires from the participants an exemplary citizenship and discipline. Here are the main rules:

● Rain or shine, guests are expected.
● Exude Elegance … in white. Originality is encouraged, as long as it remains elegant and tasteful.
● Bring your own table, chairs, and picnic basket.
● Follow the Volunteer Leader’s instructions.
● Arrive and leave with your Leader. Nobody arrives at the site on their own.
● Drink responsibly. Champagne or wine only. No spirits or beer.
● Clean up: Take all your garbage with you and clean the area around your table.

What must guests wear?

All guests must dress elegantly in head-to-toe white. This means no ivory, no off-white, and no beige… Originality is always encouraged, as long as it stays stylish and tasteful.

What must guests bring?

A square folding-table and two white chairs; a white picnic basket and/or bag including a gourmet meal for two, a white tablecloth and cloth-napkins, cutlery, dishware, and glassware; and a garbage bag.

What kind of table do I need to bring?

The table must be square, foldable, and easy to carry. The size must be between 27 and 32 inches (68 and 81 cm). The table does not have to be white as it will be covered with a white tablecloth.

Why not let guests decide on the size and shape of their table?

Le Dîner en Blanc is always held in a public location with space limitations, and local organizers must therefore limit the size of the tables to optimize the given space.
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